Saeco Perfetta – White EX_ DEMO AS NEW

$4,490.00 $3,250.00 $3,250.00


  • Stylish and affordable
  • Heavy duty
  • Reliable machine – delivers all day long
  • Occupies just 58 cm (23 in) of linear counter space
  • Electronically delivers consistent cup of coffee
  • 8L boiler capacity


  1. Saeco Coffee Grinder (view image)


  • Large heavy duty, touch sensitive key pads
  • 2 Kg brass Group Heads with E61 infusion and extraction technology optimise espresso quality
  • Stainless steel wire drip tray keep serving cup bases clean
  • Lime-scale resistant Teflon treated group injectors, heat exchanger inlet fitting, boiler inlet fitting and flow meters minimise risk of equipment failure
  • Group exhaust solenoids feature the highest quality rubber seals
  • Large highly durable 120 watts pump motors
  • Durable – No plastic in body panels
  • 8L boiler with automatic refill
  • Pump and motor incorporated into the machine
  • Security valve and thermostat.
  • Copper boiler with independent thermo-siphon heat exchangers for each group head.
  • Dimensions: 580mm (W) x 420mm (H) x 520mm (D)
  • Weight: 50kg




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Saeco Coffee Grinder (view image)


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