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Practical and contemporary

Gaggia Vetro is an espresso coffee machine that stands out for its design, high quality and the reliability of its multiple features.

It comes in different electronic models to suit any coffee serving location.

95% of the contact surface with the end user is tempered glass. This is the material of the machine that is most frequently touched and makes the Gaggia Vetro the safest espresso coffee machine on the market.

The internal materials with which it is manufactured also contribute to increased safety thanks to the use of copper, a metal recognized for its bactericidal properties.

Available in black or white

Available in 2 or 3 group models

Regular group height or tall cup models available

The safest machine on the market
Thanks to its internal (copper) and external (tempered glass) components, the Gaggia Vetro is the safest machine on the market inside as well as out.

Capacitive buttons
Capacitive touch technology, integrated into tempered glass forming a completely smooth surface, without holes or joins, increases operator safety against possible contagions derived from the formation of biofilms and against Covid-19.

Advantages of tempered glass
Maximum hygiene: allows easy cleaning and sanitisation with any common cleaning and disinfection product.
Reduced adhesion of dirt and external agents which limits the risks of contagion from biofilms and Covid-19.
Quick surface cleaning after each use.
Excellent durability and strength.
Minimal maintenance.
High heat resistance.
Resistant to humid environments.
100% recyclable material.

NSF certification
Gaggia Vetro is certified by the NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) of the United States.

GAGGIA VETRO, elegance and quality in harmony
Main features:
Tempered glass front panel for an elegant, durable and easy to clean design
Rear panel, cup tray and stainless steel grille
Soft and ergonomic tap knobs with chrome detail
Steam and hot water taps with Easy Latte quarter-turn system
Backlit capacitive pushbuttons
Chrome plated general switch
LED lighting
Automatic cleaning cycle
Colors: black or white



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