Gaggia La Dea

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From the Italian word meaning goddess, diva or star, La Dea is a synthesis of tradition and innovation. This espresso machine is the latest jewel from Gaggia Milano and the perfect fit for small but premium locations, such as boutique cafés, concept stores, kiosks and cocktail bars. Demanding and sophisticated coffee lovers and baristas alike will appreciate its minimalist and original design – with refined and pleasantly retro lines – as much as its professional technologies and components – including the coffee group and the internal boiler – in such a compact footprint.

La Dea is a further synthesis of tradition and innovation. Within its compact dimensions and minimalist design lie the technology and robust reliability users have come to expect in every Gaggia Milano coffee machine. Compared to the most of today’s traditional machines, La Dea stands out from the crowd thanks to its classic design, which incorporates a series of unique and captivating options. In addition to some subtle nuances that suggest impeccable attention to detail – such as the old-fashioned knobs to activate the steam wand and the hot water spout – both the stainless steel group head of La Dea and its classic manual Levetta are reminiscent of the iconic design of Gaggia’s original models.

The design of La Dea is both ergonomically sound and aesthetically pleasing. These crucial objectives are enhanced by an uncompromising choice of materials and technological solutions.

For instance, the on-board 1.5 Lt single boiler and 120cc heat exchanger are served by an embedded 2 Lt water tank, which can be refilled directly inside the machine, and easily removed for filling and cleaning. That means there’s no need for the machine to be plumbed in, so potentially it can be installed virtually anywhere. The choice of stainless steel for most of its bodywork, including the directable steam wand and the adjustable hot water spout, means the machine can enhance any location. Regardless of style. The upper crown – in white or copper – can even be removed and customised effortlessly.

Ease of use and clean lines: these are the features that best describe La Dea’s user interface, but that’s not all. Its compact 1.54-inch LCD colour display offers wealth of functionality. As well as setting the machine’s parameters, users can set and check both the temperature (based on the PID system) and the extraction time of each cup of coffee. Additionally, this espresso machine offers another great feature: users can programme the machine to switch on automatically.

Width From 273 to 389 mm
Depth 444 mm
Height 450 mm
Weight 30 kg
Voltage 230 V
Maximum absorbed power 1615 W
Power 1500 W (boiler)
Coffee boiler capacity 1,5 Lt
Frontal On/Off LED pushbutton
1,54” LCD colour display
Classic manual brewer Levetta
Stainless-steel steam wand
Directable hot water spout (for tea and infusions), which can be adjusted according to the cup or te pitcher in use
120cc heat exchanger
Possible to refill te embedded 2 Lt water tank directly inside the machine, or easy removal for refilling and cleaning
Manometer displaying coffee delivery pressure
Vibration pump
PID temperature control
Single- and double-cup filter holder
Single- and double-cup filter
Blind filter, for cleaning
Brush for brewer cleaning
Professional capsule filter holders as an option (Lavazza Blue®, Nespresso®, Espresso Point® and Caffitaly®)
Specific filter for ESE-certified paper pods as an option


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