Gaggia G5 Grinder (NEW)


Available in three colours – White, Black and Copper, G5 is synonymous with ergonomic, elegant and modern design. Smart technology makes this grinder exactly what all baristas are looking for: not only are they assured of perfectly ground coffee, but they can also rest assured that the G5 works just as hard as they do.

Thanks to its smart user interface – an on-board 1.54-inch TFT colour display and a capacitive keyboard – setting up the G5 couldn’t be easier. Also, with this brand-new model baristas can check and manage quantities and grind times, as well as the number of single and double doses it has ground.

The greatest benefit of the G5 rests in its offer of three grinding solutions:
1.The patented Dose On Demand option, which automatically pre-grinds the next coffee dose. It’s ideal for locations with high consumption peaks.
2.The Grind On Demand solution instantly grinds and dispenses the dose, just before serving it.
3.The Manual Modality allows a barista to demonstrate their unique expertise in the specialty coffee world… Have it your way!

With the G5 you can make minute adjustments to achieve the perfect grind, thanks to an extremely accurate calibration ring, that is the upper wheel at the base of the coffee beans hopper. This feature is part of this grinder’s exclusive design, as is a useful integrated tamper with a metal support, which can be assembled on side of the machine according to the barista’s preference.

Width 207 mm
Depth 349 mm
Height 517 mm
Weight 12.1 kg
Voltage 230 V / 50-60 Hz
Maximum absorbed power 259 W
Hopper capacity 1.1 kg
Flat grinding blades 59 mm
Grinding output 2,5 gr/second
Grinding activation by microswitch
Exclusive hopper design with calibration ring
Integrated tamper with metal support, with right or left-hand assembly option
1.54-inch TFT colour display
Capacitive keyboard


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